Equipment Failure Kills 7 in Truck Accident

A trailer that broke free of its hitch, slammed into a minivan and killed seven people. Equipment Failure

A 24-year-old man was driving on a two-lane rural road in Truxton, New York when the trailer loaded with crushed cars bound for the scrap yard struck the minivan he was driving, killing him and six of his passengers.

The sheriff’s investigators determined the cause of the crash to be mechanical failure when the lock on the coupling between the trailer and the tractor failed. There has been no update as to the cause for the failure as of yet.

A very low percentage of fatal crashes are due to truck couplings, chains, or other attachment points, according to data accrued between 2007 and 2011 by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. About 0.1% of all fatal crashes are due to equipment failures on large trucks. Though rare, this is a serious issue that is inspected for on a regular basis.

Those operators maintaining trucks with faulty hitches can be fined and even lose the CDL needed to drive a semi.  The truck that struck the minivan was owned and operated by Newton Salvage of Georgetown, N.Y. Newton Salvage has declined comment on the case.

When the “fifth wheel,” the name given to the hitch linking tractor to trailer, becomes damaged or decayed, owners and operators can be held liable for ensuing accidents resulting from the faulty equipment.

In cases where death results from the possible negligence of an owner or operator of a truck, victims have the right for redress in a court of law. Victims who have a claim for negligence, wrongful death, or pain and suffering will find a local truck accident attorney to advise them of their rights. When possible, these attorneys can obtain large settlement amounts for victims who have lost loved ones, are permanently disabled and even help change safety regulations.

Truck accidents lawyers help those who have suffered tragic loss recover some vestiges of their former lives by suing the company liable for the accident. In cases where the victims do not retain a truck accident lawyer, insurance companies move in to quickly take away the victim’s rights with regard to future legal recourse.

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