Medical Records Altered to Cover Up Medical Negligence

Are you suspicious that your medical records have been altered in an attempt to hide evidence of medical negligence?

Doctor Writing On A ClipboardVictims of medical malpractice may worry that the negligent doctor has falsified their medical records in an attempt to hide any evidence of negligence. Additional notations may have been added to show certain actions were taken. Consultation letters or diagnostic reports may have been taken out of the patient’s chart, implying the doctor was oblivious of a condition that required certain actions. Doctors may also imply some communication to the patient even if it did not happen. St. Louis medical malpractice lawyers help us understand the impact falsified medical records may have on a medical malpractice lawsuit.

How Falsified Medical Records Are Detected

Safeguards are employed to prevent healthcare providers from falsifying medical records. Falsification of medical records is a criminal act and may be grounds for a civil lawsuit. The insurance company of the healthcare provider may deny coverage in cases involving falsified medical records.

Forensic experts can evaluate records to determine whether they were modified. Professional forensic experts can also check the accuracy of medical records. They can check ink differences and the existence of depressions on the pages before and after the dubious record was added. They can also carry out a chemical analysis on documents to establish any acts of falsification.

Falsified Medical Records Vulnerable to Suspicion

It is not easy for healthcare providers to effectively alter medical records in a medical institution. A number of people are involved in the creation of these medical records; in addition to this, many medical records are now kept electronically. As a result, whenever doctors alter any part of the record, inconsistencies with the notes created by other doctors and nurses become obvious and these changes are easier to track.

Falsification of records may result in an interruption in the chronology of events in providing medical care. Medical records follow a logical chain of events that can be checked after something has happened. Any alterations in these events may be easily noticed. Forensic experts can evaluate the medical record to check any inconsistencies in other parts of the doctor’s chart. Falsifying records following an event is risky once the records are given to other people. Medical providers regularly distribute medical records to other doctors, insurance companies, and hospitals. Numerous copies of a record make it easy for lawyers to check inconsistencies during medical malpractice cases.

Proving Your Medical Records Have Been Altered

Falsified medical records become inconsistent with other records, such as billing records. Billing records are provided to Medicaid, Medicare, and insurance companies when medical care is given. Billing records also show diagnostic codes, which can disprove falsified records.

Falsified records on issues relevant to a case are normally beneficial to the case of a patient. Whenever doctors falsify medical records and the act of falsification is established, the victim may utilize it as evidence in a medical malpractice case. If you are a victim of medical malpractice, consult with Zevan and Davidson Law Firm at (314) 588-7200.


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