2013 Focus of the NTSB in the Trucking Industry

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big-rigThe National Transportation Safety Board was created by Congress in 1974. They serve to work outside of the federal government to investigate motor vehicle accidents, study their causes, and make recommendations on legislation that could help prevent them. Working together with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, they take a hard look at commercial trucks to see what improvements could be made in the industry to stop truck accident fatalities. A dedicated Missouri truck accident attorney is well schooled on all new findings and how they pertain to drivers.

The NTSB Most Wanted List

Each year, NTSB creates what is known as their most wanted list. Here they highlight the impending threats to drivers that they feel need to be addressed immediately with new legislation. In 2013 they focused on two issues that have greatly impacted the trucking industry; substance abuse by truck operators and distracted driving.

Substance Abuse By Truck Operators

The deadly effects of driving while impaired have been documented now for decades. Anti-drunk driving campaigns have raised public awareness of the issue and have made strides towards reducing the number of accidents associated with it. On the heels of that, a new impairment drug has taken center stage. Prescription drug abuse, especially strong pain killers, is on the rise. The NTSB is shifting focus to alert the public of the dangers of driving while consuming these medications. The FMSCA has strict guidelines in place already governing the use of such narcotics while driving a large truck. If you believe that the driver’s use of them may have been the cause of your accident, a Missouri truck accident attorney will investigate. Popping these types of pills may place all the liability on him and allow you to be compensated for your injuries.

Distracted Driving

Modern technology has made distracted driving a dangerous epidemic plaguing U.S. roadways. Texting while behind the wheel has replaced drunk driving as the number one cause of vehicle accident fatalities. When you consider the dangerous potential of a 80,000 lb truck being driven by someone who is reading a message the added risk is clear. That 10 second moment when their eyes are diverted from the road in front of them could cost someone their life. It is the responsibility of a trucking company to impose strict rules about distractions with their drivers, and the duty of the driver to not engage in distracting activities while his rig is in motion. Failure to do this on the part of either party could make them liable for any accident that results.

How To Obtain Compensation

Both state and federal government agencies have been aware of the special risks involved with interstate trucking. For this reason, they impose stricter laws and penalties on both the driver and the company he is working for. If you have been injured in a truck accident, there are a few different options in obtaining compensation. Speak with the Zevan and Davidson Law Firm by calling (314) 588-7200 to find out which is most applicable to your situation.

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