6 Types of Birth Injury Treatments

An injured child receives birth injury treatments in a hospital bed while a man's hand holds the baby's head.

Each birth injury is unique and the actions that medical professionals take afterwards depend on the type of injury sustained as well as its severity. Early intervention following a birth injury is often crucial to ensure your child can adapt to the world around them. The attorneys at Zevan Davidson Roman have seen the route these injuries take and the birth injury treatments your child should be provided shortly after the injury has been discovered.

Types of Birth Injury Treatments 

Birth injuries can occur after a medical professional fails to provide proper care during pregnancy or conducts improper delivery techniques — resulting in brain damage, spinal cord damage and other complications. From short-term afflictions such as fractures to lifelong injuries such as cerebral palsy, our attorneys have seen six treatment options used for common birth injuries.


Surgical interventions are typically used in the case of fractures and severe nerve damage. While surgery is a last resort during this delicate time, it can be used to repair severely torn nerves or drain fluids trapped within the skull. For example, surgery may be used to reverse the effects of brachial plexus injuries caused by improper birthing techniques. Surgery ultimately allows medical professionals to contain the damage that has occurred and stabilize the affected area.

Physical Therapy 

Physical therapy is used to treat muscle weakness and partial paralysis. With targeted movements, this type of therapy can strengthen muscle groups and improve the range of motion. For those with Erb’s palsy and similar conditions, physical therapy improves balance, flexibility and overall coordination.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy allows birth injury victims to adapt to their circumstances. This type of therapy can teach them how to perform basic tasks, such as brushing their teeth and using the bathroom. This birth injury treatment is usually offered for injuries such as cerebral palsy and it helps promote independence in their everyday life.

Hypothermia Treatments

Performed within hours of birth, therapeutic hypothermia can lessen the brain damage caused as a result of oxygen deprivation during labor and delivery. This treatment lowers the baby’s body temperature to 92 degrees over three days, allowing the brain to heal. It is known to reduce death rates and cognitive delays, providing the best possible chance at restoring function after injury.


Medication is often used as a birth injury treatment to decrease pain, swelling and other prominent symptoms. For some, medications may be administered to limit muscle spasms or seizures associated with their condition. Sometimes, doctors may also administer medication that paralyzes certain muscle groups in order to spend time strengthening others. Medication is often used in conjunction with another treatment option.

Alternative Treatments

Sometimes, medical professionals utilize other forms of treatment for birth injuries in order to treat the physical or emotional needs of your child. Acupuncture or acupressure may be used for those who suffer muscular pain while music and art therapy can be used to encourage emotional expression from those diagnosed with cerebral palsy or similar cognitive delays. Adaptive equipment such as crutches, wheelchairs or catheters can also be provided so your child can have additional assistance with daily functions such as movement.

Your Partner in Recovery 

Each birth injury requires a treatment plan tailored to the circumstances of your case. Every child deserves to have their emotional and physical needs met, especially following a traumatic delivery. The attorneys at Zevan Davidson Roman are proud mothers and we are prepared to fight for your child’s future as if they were our own. If you believe your child has not been provided proper treatment, contact our birth injury attorneys for a free consultation today.

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