$78.5 Million Awarded in Pennsylvania Birth Injury Verdict

A case that went to trial April 13, 2012 has come to a close with a jury verdict of $78.5 million in a case involving medical negligence that resulted in a woman’s child being diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy.

In 2008 when she was 36 weeks pregnant, the woman showed signs of placental abruption. After fetal monitoring did not show conclusive results, the doctor did a bedside ultrasound. He could not find a fetal heartbeat, and because it was a Sunday there was no ultrasound technician at the hospital to verify his findings. However, the woman’s attorneys submitted evidence that indicated that the hospital’s equipment was outdated and could not reasonably be expected to produce accurate results. The doctor maintained throughout the trial that he performed the ultrasound correctly and that he believed the baby was dead but came back to life 81 minutes later when an emergency cesarean section was finally performed. The Risk Manager for the hospital later confirmed that the machinery had not been serviced or updated for over 10 years.

Her attorneys stated that the lack of additional personnel to verify the doctor’s findings amounted to hospital negligence. The ultrasound technician was contacted and needed to come into the hospital on the Sunday to check the doctor’s findings, which were ultimately incorrect.

The 81 minute delay resulted in the baby being born with brain damage and severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

The case was tried in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas and damages were awarded to the woman for future medical costs, lost earnings, emotional distress, and pain and suffering for her child.

Birth Injury Attorney’s

If you or a loved one has had a traumatic birth experience and suspect medical negligence, contact a birth injury attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case. Having an expert birth injury attorney who has experience getting results and proving liability can help to put your mind at ease during a stressful time. While no amount of money can atone for the health of a child, damage awards can help pay for future medical costs and other expenses that will provide what your child needs.

Medical malpractice cases can be extremely complicated. Birth trauma and birth injury cases can at times be difficult to prove, but an experienced birth injury attorney will be able to sort through the medical records and evidence and present the case to a jury in a way that is most likely to get you the compensation that you need. The specialized skills of a birth injury attorney will be useful in choosing experts, determining prognosis, and discussing the case with life-care specialists.

It is important to move quickly if you suspect medical negligence.

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