ABC News Reports: Surgeons Make Mistakes That Are Preventable

The news report stated that surgical mistakes happen more than 4,000 times a year.

They are called “never events” because everyone in the medical community says that these types of mistakes should never happen. However, every week, across the country, preventable surgical mistakes occur. These errors cost the healthcare system millions of dollars.

The news report stated that surgical mistakes happen more than 4,000 times a year. They claim that 40 times a week a sponge or towel is left inside a patient, 20 times a week they operate on the wrong side of the body or wrong part and 20 times a week they perform the wrong operation. The news showed pictures of x-rays where clamps and other tools were left inside individuals that had been operated on.

The report went on to state that these numbers are not perfect, they are simply a rough estimate. Many of these surgical errors never make it into the legal system.

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