Birth Injury Cases Require Much Detail in Developing a Case

The imminent delay in recognizing that the baby was suffering from a lack of oxygen resulted in a case of cerebral palsy. St. Louis Birth Injury Attorneys

The birth of a child is an exciting event in everyone’s life. Parents look forward to that day with unbridled anticipation. When something goes wrong during the birthing process it can be a traumatic experience for everyone. A birth injury can put you on a road that could very easily change the entire course of your life.

In the case of Adriane

Take the case of Adriane for example. At 39½ weeks she arrived at her hospital in active labor. A short time later her daughter was delivered by cesarean section. She was asphyxiated and suffering from permanent damage caused by the team of medical professionals lack of recognizing the signs of umbilical compression.

With each contraction, Adriane had there were signs of compression that could be detected with the fetal heart monitor. Yet the doctor did not see Adriane until nearly 4 hours later. In the hours that followed the ruptured membrane went unnoticed even though warnings were apparent. Minute after minute warnings were unnoticed and medical staff neglected the warning signs.

The imminent delay in recognizing that the baby was suffering from a lack of oxygen resulted in a case of cerebral palsy. Adriane’s child would never walk, talk or have any form of a normal life. For her entire life she would always need 24 hour care by a team of medical professionals.

This case is a clear example of why having good legal advice when you are faced with a birth injury of any magnitude. It demonstrates the need to have a lawyer on your side that will not only understand the sensitivities and the medical issues that will come into play in a case of this nature.

Legal Issues Even Before a Trial

Even before a decision to go to trail is made a series of mediation’s may be required between you and the staff and your attorney will need to well versed in how these matters are handled. Before these mediation proceedings the task of collecting detailed and technical research needs to be done. During the proceedings careful and often difficult and challenging negotiations need to be done and finally if the matter is not settled through mediation, you may be faced with a trial.

Having a good birth injury lawyer to get you through these troubled times will keep you from being overrun by unscrupulous insurance and legal experts on the other side. They will take the time to consult with all the medical experts in every area of your case including obstetrics, nursing, neonatal, neuroradiology, pathology and more to make sure that no stone remains unturned in gathering evidence to help you gain a fair settlement.

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