Determining Liability in Truck Accident Cases

Tractor trailer accidents can be extremely complicated, and determining liability often involves in-depth analysis and investigation. 

Determining liability in cases involving tractor trailer accidents can often be very complicated.  Unlike collisions involving other vehicles, there are other factors at play, like the driver of the truck, the trucking company, the owner or owners of the truck, and the owners of the cargo the truck is transporting.  Having a truck accident attorney who can sort through all of these liability issues and hold the responsible parties accountable is a necessary component of making a successful case.

Components Of Liability In A Truck Accident

Accidents involving tractor trailers can be extremely damaging, costly, and can even result in death.  One responsible party may not have insurance that can cover the full damage amount, which is why it is necessary to hold every possible party liable for accidents such as these.  In addition to the trucking company, the driver, the owner of the cargo, and the owner of the truck may be responsible. Other possible liable parties include other vehicles involved in the accident, and third-party maintenance companies or parts manufacturing companies, as well as the manufacturer of the truck or trailer.

Other Components of Truck Accidents

Tractor trailer accidents can be extremely complicated, and determining liability involves in-depth analysis and investigation.  Truck accident attorneys will devote a significant amount of time to documenting injuries and determining the extent and damage caused by those injuries, and what damage amount should be sought in order to compensate for medical and emotional traumas.  In addition, your attorneys will spend time obtaining insurance information, investigating and preserving evidence, acquire documentation from the trucking company like logbook and regulative information, and they will reconstruct the accident itself  in order to ascertain the specifics of the incident. Knowing these details are important and only an experienced truck accident attorney will know how best to proceed in each case. Experienced truck accident attorneys have access to specialists in the medical fields, as well as important technology that can help to preserve evidence and determine liability in each case.  Accidents can be further complicated if they occur while you are traveling out of state or if the truck is out of state at the time of the accident.  Determining what commerce laws apply may also be necessary and the weight and size of the trailer may also have an impact on the case.

Protect Yourself After A Truck Accident

The time allowed by law in which you may file a truck accident lawsuit is limited. If you wait to contact an attorney, you may end up being barred by the statute of limitations from proceeding.

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