Filing A Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

The FDA has now issued warnings regarding vaginal mesh. Vaginal Mesh Attorneys

The first few of many vaginal mesh lawsuits have been tried and have come back with positive results for the plaintiffs. Vaginal mesh implants are meant to be permanent, but many women do not notice side effects of the surgery until several years later, while others begin to experience side effects during the year following surgery. There are currently many outstanding vaginal mesh lawsuits and probably many more yet to be filed.

The primary complaint in vaginal mesh lawsuits is that the makers of the device were negligent in informing patients of the risks involved in the procedure and did not properly test the device before marketing it.

Vaginal mesh was marketed to be a simpler alternative to a procedure where doctors used a woman’s own tissue to repair damage and construct a support system for pelvic organs.

The FDA has now issued warnings regarding vaginal mesh, stating that whether or not the procedure is any more effective than the original surgical procedure is questionable and actually poses significant risks.

Common side effects of vaginal mesh:

  • Mesh eroding through the vaginal walls
  • Pelvic pain
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Perforation of bowels or pelvic organs
  • Abdominal pressure
  • Incontinence
  • Vaginal shortening
  • Scarring

These side effects can be very serious and painful and may require multiple surgeries in order to correct. Even then it is not always possible to completely remove the mesh or undo the harm that is already done.

There are several options for women who wish to file complaints against vaginal mesh device makers.

Class action lawsuits consist of many claimants joining together to file a single lawsuit and negotiate a large group settlement. Class action lawsuits have already been filed but it is not too late to move forward if you begin experiencing side effects following a vaginal mesh surgery.

Current cases are referred to as multidistrict litigation. This is the consolidation of many cases filed in multiple courts to be heard in a single federal court.

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