Gynecological Medicine in Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

The ability to bear children is a precious gift to many women.  Losing this gift due to a physician’s negligence is a tragedy.

medical-malpractice-lawyers-missouriGynecological surgical procedures all come with a certain risk, just like with any other type of surgery. There are a variety of different types, such as open abdominal, laparoscopic, and intravaginal surgery, all associated with women’s health issues. Just as with any medical procedure, these all have the possibility of something going wrong. If that happens, a Missouri medical malpractice attorney will need to investigate in order to determine if negligence was involved. If you suffered an injury after a gynecological procedure you may be entitled to compensation.

Hysterectomy – A Common Gynecological Surgery

The most commonly known gynecological surgery is the hysterectomy, where the uterus and sometimes even fallopian tubes are removed if their health is compromised by cancer or endometriosis. The risk with these types of surgeries is the removal of healthy tissue by error. A misdiagnosis of cancer, and a subsequent hysterectomy, will leave a woman unable to bear any more children. If found that the surgery was unnecessary in the first place, the woman has a strong case for medical malpractice.

Laparoscopic Surgery – Considered To Be Safer

Laparoscopic surgery has become very popular in gynecological medicine for its ability to reduce scarring. Often times an outpatient procedure, laparoscopy can be used to remove polyps or growths inside the uterus, an ectopic pregnancy, and even help treat endometriosis. It is considered to be safer then open surgery as well as less expensive. Even recovery time is shorter.
Laparoscopic procedures have their own unique risks. These are dependent mostly on the method that is used and where the necessary devices are placed. There could be an injury to the bowel, bladder, or surrounding blood vessels if the instruments used get in close contact. A Missouri jury awarded a young woman $500,000 after her bowel was burned during a typical laparoscopic procedure. If the gynecologist does not pay close attention during the surgery, he can easily cause damage to surrounding organs and be held liable for damages.

Tubal Ligation – When the Procedure Fails

Another common gynecological procedure that sometimes leads to a lawsuit is tubal ligation. This is where a woman, wanting to avoid future pregnancies, opts to have her fallopian tubes cut and then tied to prevent eggs from entering the uterus. It is a widely effective procedure, but there have been claims made and won when the procedure failed resulting in a pregnancy. If the sperm manages to bridge the cut fallopian tube, fertilization will occur, putting the woman at risk for serious injury and even death.

The delicacy of gynecological medicine is what leaves it open to so many different types of lawsuits. The ability to conceive is a precious gift for many women; losing it due to a physician’s negligent or reckless treatment methods is a tragedy.

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