Laryngeal Nerve Birth Injuries in St. Louis

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Laryngeal nerve damage is a birth injury that affects an infant’s ability to breathe, cry, or swallow.

Laryngeal nerve damage is a birth injurythat in most cases, is self reversing and the baby recovers within 4-12 weeks depending on the seriousness of the injury. However, in case of serious nerve damage, the baby may require a tracheotomy.

The Cause of Laryngeal Nerve Damage

The exact cause of Laryngeal nerve damage is not known. Medical experts believe that it could be a result of the baby’s head moving in an incorrect way during the delivery. The injury may occur in the uterus or during delivery. There are many other potentially life threatening conditions that mimic the signs and symptoms of Laryngeal nerve damage, so it is important for a doctor to carry out immediate tests and come to a correct diagnosis in a timely manner.

Symptoms of Laryngeal Nerve Damage

According to statistics, Laryngeal nerve damage is responsible for about 10 percent of cases of paralyzed vocal cords. Due to Laryngeal nerve damage, a baby may show signs of high pitched breathing and may have a horse cry, which is often a result of unilateral nerve paralysis. The baby may also have trouble swallowing if the superior branch of the voice box is damaged. If both the nerves become damaged, it may lead to bilateral paralysis. In such cases, the symptoms are severe respiratory distress or asphyxia.

It is important that a doctor conducts a direct laryngoscopic assessment to find out if Laryngeal nerve damage has occurred and also to differentiate paralysis from other conditions such as distress and respiratory stridor. The test is also essential to distinguish Laryngeal nerve damage from other conditions such as central nervous system malformation or mediastinal tumor.

Treatment for Laryngeal Nerve Damage

In most cases, the symptoms of Laryngeal nerve damage resolve within 4-12 weeks. However, more serious cases can take up to six months or even a year to resolve. Once the condition starts to resolve, the mother may start giving small but frequent feedings to the baby. It is important to keep the feedings small in order to prevent aspiration.

Laryngeal nerve damage can be the result of a doctor’s medical negligence. If you think that your baby’s Laryngeal nerve damage could have been prevented with proper treatment and medical care, you may want to consider consulting with a birth injury attorney from Zevan and Davidson Law Firm, LLC. We will assist you in your case by investigating the circumstances that surrounded the delivery in order to find out if the doctor was indeed responsible.

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