LP Gas Defense Lawyer Now Represents Victims of Gas Explosions

With Zevan and Davidson you will know that your case involving an LP gas disaster won’t be the lawyers first case.”

Kevin Davidson began his career as a defense lawyer for large companies involved in selling LP gas to homes and businesses. However, after seeing the catastrophic injuries resulting from these explosions time and time again, Kevin decided that he would rather be representing the survivors of these accidents or the families of those killed.

Kevin has been on the scene of LP gas explosions involving death and injuries before the fire was even extinguished. Because gas companies will have their lawyers on the scene as soon as possible, it is very important to gain equal footing by having your attorney at the scene as well.

Kevin explains that representing those who have been involved in a gas explosion accident can be difficult. The injuries resulting from these explosions are almost always horrific. Additionally, the gas industry is unique, and many attorneys have little or no experience handling gas explosion cases.

During his defense work, Kevin Davidson gained an understanding, not only of how the gas industry works, but also how accidents happen. Through his past investigations he has built a network of experts. When Kevin Davidson takes your gas explosion case, he is prepared to bring all of these experiences and contacts to bear.

What Makes Zevan and Davidson Unique?

Kevin’s experience, 10 years of being retained by the gas industry as an expert, and the resulting network of metallurgic, mechanical, and chemical professionals willing to help in a matter of hours following an accident, makes the Zevan and Davidson Law Firm unique in the field.

After responding quickly Zevan and Davidson can present your case on more than an even footing with the defense.

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