Maplewood Family Awarded in Medical Malpractice Verdict

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In one of the highest grossing medical malpractice verdicts, the St. Louis jury awarded a compensation amounting to $10,831,115 to the husband and children of a 34 year old Maplewood woman, who had died in 2011 shortly after undergoing cardiac catheterization procedure at St. Louis Mercy Hospital.

The victim was Shannon Dodson, a Maplewood resident. She is survived by her husband, who is an attorney at legal services of Eastern Missouri, and three children aged 5, 9, and 11.

The verdict was awarded against Mercy Clinic Heart and Vascular LLC, and Dr. Robert P. Ferrara who had conducted cardiac catheterization on the victim.

After the verdict was announced, Mercy Hospital issued a written statement stating that their sympathy goes out to the Dodson family. However, they claimed innocence and said that they would pursue post trial motions and appeal.

The jury comprising a bench of 12 jurors conducted an eight day trial before Judge Thea Sherry, and voted 11-1 in favor of awarding a compensation amounting to $10,831,155 to the family of Shannon Dodson. However, the jury did not award any punitive damages to the doctor or hospital.

Lawyers pleading the case for Shannon Dodson said that the victim had undergone routine catheterization at the Mercy Heart and Vascular Hospital in February 2011, and she died soon after due to complications arising out of the procedure. The family’s attorneys also claimed that the doctor and hospital failed to administer appropriate and timely treatment for the complications.

According to the family’s attorneys she had a mild history of heart problems. The Dodson couple had gone to Mercy hospital for bronchitis treatment, but the tests revealed that the woman might be suffering from some heart problems.

She was prescribed cardiac catheterization procedure, which involves insertion of a catheter into one of the vessels or chambers of heart. When the procedure was conducted on Dodson, one of her coronary arteries was dissected. The medical malpractice lawyers pleading for the plaintiff told the jury that the catheter had disrupted the inner lining of a coronary artery. This in turn led to disruption of the blood supply to her heart.

The lawyers told the jury that even after the complications were noticed, the doctors took about 30 minutes to conduct a surgery on her. This delay proved fatal for the patient who died 50 minutes later.

Dr. Ferrara and Mercy hospital testified that they had taken all necessary steps to treat Shannon, but the complication was rare and difficult to handle. They regretted that they could not save her life.

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