Medical Malpractice and Gallbladder Surgery Complications

Many cases of medical malpractice resulting from gallbladder complications are reported every year.

gallbladder-surgeryThe gallbladder is a small, non-essential organ attached to the liver. Its function is to transport bile to the small intestine via the bile duct. A common problem associated with the gallbladder is that of deposits and gall stones. Individuals with a genetic predisposition or those with a higher concentration of fatty substances, the problem of gall stones may occur. The gall stones may lie dormant and cause no problem in some individuals, but in others, they may cause severe abdominal pain. The only treatment for the problem of gallstones is surgical removal of the gallbladder.

Two Gallbladder Surgical Options Available

Missouri medical malpractice attorneys inform us that there are two surgical options available for the removal of the gallbladder. One is the traditional open surgery known as cholecystectomy, and the other involves use of laparoscopy and is known as laparoscopic cholecystectomy. These days, laparoscopic cholecystectomy has become extremely popular, because it involves smaller incisions, and the patient can go back home in a day’s time, while in the case of open surgery the patient has to stay in the hospital for 2-5 days.

Medical Errors During Gallbladder Surgery

Unfortunately, many cases of medical negligence that cause gallbladder complications are reported every year. According to statistics available with Missouri medical malpractice lawyers, medical errors occur in 1 in 200 cases of laparoscopic surgery. As many as 400 patients become victims of medical negligence that results in gallbladder complications. There are many cases in which the surgeon causes unexpected, unintended, unnecessary, and negligent injury to other organs while performing laparoscopic gall bladder surgery. The negligence may cause damage to adjoining organs such as the common bile duct, hepatic duct, or the bowel.

The complications can arise because the surgeon may be performing the procedure on a patient who is not the right candidate for a laparoscopic surgery. It can also result out of carelessness or poor technique. A preventable gall bladder injury occurs when the surgeon fails to identify the common bile duct and cystic duct. There are cases where the surgeon accidentally cuts the hepatic duct or the common bile duct instead of the cystic duct. Such medical negligence can cause serious and life threatening complications including peritonitis, bile leak, liver damage, sepsis, and even death. In some cases, the negligent surgeon may not be able to remove the gallbladder completely and it may lead to recurrence of the gallstones. Nicking and cutting of the bile duct may cause the bile to back up in to the blood stream leading to jaundice. The patient may also suffer from cholangitis, which is inflammation or infection of the bile ducts.

Preventable Injuries During Gallbladder Surgery

Studies have shown that the chances of occurrence of preventable injuries during laparoscopic cholecystectomy are directly related to the skill and experience of the surgeon. An inexperienced surgeon is more likely to commit errors than an experienced surgeon. If you have developed health complications because of the negligence of staff or the surgeon during a gallbladder surgery, contact Zevan and Davidson Law Firm at (314) 588-7200.

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