Medical Malpractice: Vaginal Mesh Complications

Victims of vaginal mesh complications often follow this pattern.

Many incidents of medical malpractice involve personal and private issues for the victim. Certain medical procedures come with privacy concerns, and malpractice can often heighten the emotional trauma that accompanies such events. Because of this, many patients feel embarrassed and are reluctant to seek justice for their injuries.

Victims of vaginal mesh complications often follow this pattern. Rather than pursue compensation for their injuries, these victims often feel unnecessary shame and blame for their situation. This is shown statistically, as there are few lawsuits resulting from the many thousands of defective vaginal mesh surgeries performed every year.

Women who have been affected and injured by a vaginal mesh procedure need to know that there are remedies available under the law to alleviate some of their suffering. For instance, a landmark California case won a victim a $24 million dollar settlement within the last few years. As more evidence accumulates about this dangerous procedure, more women are likely to receive due compensation for their injuries.

The lawsuits have had a positive effect on the medical community as well. Recently, Johnson&Johnson reported that they were halting all sales of their vaginal meshes. This action is the direct result of brave, trailblazing women taking their cases to court and fighting for justice and compensation.

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