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Midwest Folding has announced the recall of one of its bestselling products, one that has sold for the better part of two decades. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has backed the company’s move to pull off the market well over 5,000 units of folding risers and portable stage caddies.

The recall comes in the aftermath of the death of a three year-old girl in the middle of last year. The girl suffered severe head trauma when one of the company’s caddies failed and parts of a portable stage fell on her in the middle of a sermon in a church in Greensville, SC.

Midwest Folding has been supplying churches and theaters with portable stages and choir risers, among several other products across the country. The product that has been the subject of the recall includes the caddies that store these folding stages and tables.

These products have been sold for $1,200 from January 1989 to March of this year. Over the years, these caddies have been redesigned several times; hence the current recall includes the white, grey and black models of the Midwest Folding caddies.

When not in use, portions of portable stages may come lose from the caddies and may subsequently fall on people. The company has since exerted efforts to reassure its customers that these caddies are still safe to use and operate when fitted with repair kits available through the company’s website. The company has advised buyers not to use them until they are fitted with these repair kits.

These repair kits now enable portions of the collapsible risers to automatically latch on the caddies and for the caddies to hold them securely in place. Unlike previous models, the repair kit also fits the handle with a large, yellow warning sticker for the users in strict compliance with federal safety standards.

When a product fails to warn consumers of potential hazards, allergens or contraindications; when a product is not safe to use or suffers from a serious flaw in its design (such as the caddy from Midwest Folding), any injuries arising from these products are determined under that branch of torts law known as product liability.

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