New York High Line Gas-Tank Explosion

There are several factors that need to be looked into when an explosion occurs and gas explosion attorneys know this best.

Two construction workers got gravely wounded after trying to unearth a gas tank from underneath which exploded at a site that was formerly a gas station.

The accident took place in Chelsea in the area that falls under the High Line Park.

However, there is no information about the fact that whether these construction workers who were injured in the accident, were amateurs or specialized in the art of removing gas tanks.

Gas explosion attorneys working are aware that removal of fuel tanks can be a tricky business and comes with its hazards. Volatile vapors may collect and accumulate into dangerous explosive levels, posing a threat to humans working around them. The procedure of removing gas tanks is highly regulated and requires experienced professionals for handling the fuel tank.

Gas tank removal must only be handled by people who are equipped and trained to work cautiously with the explosive vapors. The jam-packed urban environment prevailing in New York makes training all the more crucial.

Gas explosions are powerful enough to cause life-threatening, multisystem injuries in both, individual and multiple people simultaneously. Such events bring forward complicated triage, management and diagnostic challenges which the health care provider has to confront. These explosions can generate catastrophic patterns of injury from penetrating and blunt mechanisms to affecting several organ systems. However, they can also culminate in specific injury patterns which are restricted to vital organs such as the central nervous system and the lungs.

These heart-wrenching cases of gas explosions are becoming more common and can be the aftermath of negligence on part of the company or the individual. If the spark or the leak is attributed to the faulty design of the gas tank, a gas explosion attorney needs to be contacted right away to determine the origin and cause of the gas leak along with applicable standards and codes.

This can help construction workers and other victims to get out of the terrible ordeal they find themselves in.

There are several factors that need to be looked into when an explosion occurs and gas explosion attorneys know this best. The composition and amount of the explosive material (i.e. whether shrapnel is present), the adjoining environment, the distance between the blast and its victims and the delivery method via which the explosion occurred, are all issues which need to be addressed.

The Zevan and Davidson Law Firm can help if you have been affected by such an explosion. As these incidents take their toll, it is becoming imperative for construction workers and others who are affected by the blast, to seek compensation via these gas explosion lawyers.

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