North Dakota Oil Rig Explosion Fatal For Worker

Oil rig explosions can be incredibly serious and are oftentimes fatal. Oil Rig Gas Explosion

Working on land-based oil rigs is one of the most dangerous occupations. There are plenty of hazards to working on an oil rig. There is exposure to toxic chemicals, fires, gas field explosions, defects in the drilling machines, falls, maintenance accidents, oil well blowouts, etc. If an oil rig worker experiences an accident while on the job, recovering from these potentially serious injuries, supporting family members, and losing their job or finding another way to earn a living all become concerns.

Oil rig explosions can be incredibly serious and are oftentimes fatal. When fatalities occur because of a workplace explosion families must try to deal with the loss of a loved one.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a land-based oil rig explosion you should contact a personal injury attorney. A personal injury lawyer who has experience handling land-based oil rig explosion cases will help you to obtain the compensation you deserve in order to recover from your injuries, get the medical attention you need, and support your family.

Attorneys who handle these cases understand the complex nature of building a case, reconstructing the facts of the accident, proving liability, and getting the compensation you deserve from the responsible parties.

The oil rig explosion cases in the news like the North Dakota oil rig explosion that fatally injured a Utah man, reminds us of how dangerous these working conditions can be. On September 4, 2012 a Utah man working on an oil rig in Stanley, North Dakota passed away after sustaining severe burns on 90 percent of his body. The 29-year-old man, of Nephi, Utah, had been working for Slawson Exploration Co. Inc. at a rig for Denver-based Frontier Drilling. The site of the rig was owned by Slawson Exploration Co. Inc, based out of Wichita, Kansas.

At the time of the accident he was working with a 400-barrel oil tank, transferring drilling fluid, when the explosion happened. Just as he was opening the lid of the of the tank, it exploded. He was then wedged beneath the burning tank. He was transferred to a Minnesota burn center but could not recover from the serious burns he sustained in the explosion.

The accident was under investigation and the cause has not yet been revealed.

Accidents with land based oil rigs can occur because of worker errors, negligence on the part of the employer, and adverse, harsh working conditions. Even though this is a dangerous occupation, oil rig workers still have the right to have safety regulations followed and to have a reasonable expectation of safety. Because the job is precarious it is even more important that risks are managed and that safety concerns are addressed.

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