Nursing Home Abuse Risk Factors

In nursing homes the problem of elder abuse and neglect is a major concern. Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Elder abuse takes many forms. There can be non-physical abuses like ignoring, isolating, verbally abusing, humiliating, threatening, or terrorizing an elderly person. A person can be taken advantage of financially. Or abuse can take the form of physical or sexual abuse and neglect that oftentimes occurs in understaffed nursing homes.

When people age and become more frail, and subsequently more vulnerable, they are far more susceptible to being abused. Because some elderly individuals are dependent on the care and attention of caregivers to do daily activities, they feel like they have to take or put up with the abuse. They feel as if they cannot fight back or stand up for themselves. And because the elderly oftentimes cannot see or hear as well as they used to, and may not be able to remember or think clearly at all times, they are easier targets.

Every year there are more than half a million reports of elder abuse just in the United States. And there are many more cases that never get reported.

Caregivers who are responsible for giving care and attention to an elderly person can find the situation to be very rewarding, but it can also be very frustrating and sometimes stressful. As a person ages and health deteriorates they require more and more care. When family members care for an elderly relative in the home, this can sometimes lead to abuse or neglect when the caregiver feels burned out, impatient, frustrated, or exhausted.

When an elderly person requires more care than a family member can provide, a nursing home can provide an alternative environment where they can get the level of care that they need. But even in nursing homes the problem of elder abuse and neglect is a major concern. Understaffed facilities mean that there can be more residents than staff members can easily care for. Stressed and overworked nursing home staff can be prone to nursing home abuse when they have more responsibilities than they can handle. If staff members are unsuited for handling care giving or the conditions of the nursing home are very poor, caregivers can have a hard time handling the situation and may take frustrations out on nursing home residents.

Choosing A Nursing Home

It is important to look at nursing home conditions before deciding on the right care facility for your family member or loved one. Some states have passed laws that allow residents to install cameras in their rooms so that family members can monitor the care they receive even when they cannot physically be present to check up on conditions. Make sure to carefully select a facility that has good living conditions and is not overcrowded.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

If you or a loved one or family member has witnessed or been victimized by nursing home abuse, contact a nursing home abuse attorney. Elder abuse is never acceptable and those who victimize the elderly need to be held responsible for their actions. If you suspect or have witnessed abuse, report the abuse immediately!

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