Rachel Roman: An Asset in Medical Malpractice and Co-Counsel Services

Rachel Roman Discusses Medical Malpractice and Co-Counsel Services

A conversation with Rachel Roman, partner with Zevan Davidson Roman

Your past experiences influence all facets of your life — especially when it comes to career growth. For Rachel Roman, her robust career as a lawyer was inspired by her time inside hospitals as a registered nurse. Her experience in healthcare has not only deepened her understanding of her clients’’ medical malpractice cases, but has also made her an asset as a reliable co-counsel for some of the St. Louis regions’ more complex cases.

Inspiration from the Front Lines

Rachel graduated from Loyola University – Chicago with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Following graduation, she began working in a  Level 1 trauma center in Chicago to fuel her passion of doing exciting and engaging work. Her experience in emergency rooms allowed her to fuel her ambition, problem solving skills and advocating for those who were hurt.

After a few years on the frontlines, she decided to pursue an education to become a nurse practitioner but during that education, she realized a new passion was starting to emerge — practicing law.

The Journey to Law School 

Her realization during the nurse practitioner program spurred further research centered around prominent health-focused law schools. With her experience in nursing and working directly in hospitals, she felt this would be the best way to connect her experience with helping those who have been wronged.

This led her to apply and be accepted into the Saint Louis University School of Law where she graduated with her degree and a special certificate in Health Law.

Benefits of Nursing in Legal Practice

After Rachel Roman entered the legal world, she recognized her time as a nurse only continues to benefit her long-standing career as a lawyer.

“Because of my nursing experience, I have been on the floor and seen how things work from a medical and nursing perspective,” she said. “Having those experiences in the emergency room with the day to day happenings, relationships with healthcare professionals and understanding of terminology is very helpful in my work today.” 

Her exposure to emergency room situations deepened her understanding of the patient journey and family recovery process. Additionally, her understanding of the terminology from her previous education allows her to deduct situations from both a legal and medical stance, interpret medical records faster and incorporate them effortlessly into a case’s development.

Supporting ZDR’s Co-Counsel Services

When complex medical malpractice cases come to the desks of other attorneys, many do not know where to turn if they do not have the bandwidth to handle the case. Rachel’s extensive background and experience makes her an incredible asset as both a medical malpractice attorney and co-counseling attorney.

In our co-counsel services, Rachel and her team at Zevan Davidson Roman work closely with other law firms by investing the time and resources necessary to achieve success for clients affected by medical malpractice, birth injury, personal injury and more. For Rachel, her nursing background makes her an asset to legal teams who are seeking co-counsel on cases with complex medical malpractice issues, extensive medical documentation or require a need for specific litigation experience.

Considering Co-Counsel Services? 

Whether you need assistance with a complex case or a well-versed litigator for a case going to trial, Rachel Roman and the ZDR team are ready to support you as medical malpractice attorneys or if your legal team needs an experienced co-counsel at your side.

For more information about our co-counseling services and other legal services, contact our attorneys today for a consultation.

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