Role of Environmental Factors for Truck Drivers

The State and Federal authorities are responsible for providing safe road conditions for motorists. 

We understand that when weather conditions are bad, such as with snow, ice or heavy rain, it makes driving conditions more dangerous. This is especially true for large commercial trucks. However, there are other environmental factors that are not weather related that have an impact on truck safety. These factors have to do with changes in the roadway designs or operations.

Some examples of changes in the roadway design include exit ramp designs, large potholes, insufficient barriers between highways, poor roadway design, uneven pavement and known dangerous intersections that haven’t been improved. All of these factors play a role in truck accidents every year in the United States.

When a truck accident occurs, the truck driver may not be solely to blame. The State and Federal authorities are responsible for providing safe road conditions for motorists to travel on. If their failure to make necessary improvements or changes to the road has lead to a serious truck accident, they are also responsible.

When an accident occurs, police officers are trained to assign blame to one of the drivers instead of looking for defects in road design or construction. Truck accident attorneys have an understanding of the standards that road designs must meet. They ensure that the correct people are held responsible.

Truck accidents due to poor road design can lead to serious injuries. They may prevent the victim from being able to return to work, either short-term or long-term. Medical bills can accumulate rapidly.

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