Safety Regulations For Commercial Vehicles

Truck accident attorneys understand the expectations that are placed on trucking companies and the rules that need to be followed. Truck Safety Regulations

Eighteen-wheelers and large commercial vehicles present a significant danger for drivers on the road.  Even a minor accident that could cause no issues for either driver becomes a far bigger deal when a large commercial truck is involved.  When a large truck is involved there are far greater incidences of injury, and those injuries tend to be far more serious than if the accident involved two smaller vehicles. This is why the laws for commercial vehicles are so highly regulated.

Regulations for Commercial Vehicles

There are laws specific to truck drivers and commercial vehicles that are meant to keep those drivers and other vehicles on the road safe.  Commercial trucks that are involved in interstate or intrastate commerce have a responsibility to follow the regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These regulations are supposed to limit the risk that commercial drivers put themselves and others under by keeping them from driving while fatigued, under the influence, regulating the weight of the vehicle, etc.

Because fatigue is a major concern and a contributing cause to commercial truck accidents, limiting the amount of time that a driver can spend behind the wheel, operating the vehicle, is important. For instance, commercial truck drivers are allowed 14 hours of on duty service during a 24 hour period, but are only allowed 11 hours behind the wheel during that 14 hour period. After the 11 hour limit has been reached, the driver must allow a 10 hour period to pass before getting behind the wheel again. Drivers must also keep logs that account for every 24 hour period, accurately describing on-duty hours. These logbooks can be inspected by authorized government inspectors at any point. Logbook violations can result in fines or even operations being shut down.

The way that trucking companies operate, requiring long hours on the road and efficiency can sometimes encourage unsafe driving conditions. Drivers hurrying, spending too long behind the wheel, and lack of sufficient training to operate the vehicle safely, can all lead to greater risk of accidents.

These are just a few of the regulations in place that, if violated, puts the trucking company at risk and places other drivers on the road at far greater risk.  Failure to comply will increase the liability of the trucking company and driver in the event of an accident.

Missouri and Illinois Truck Accident Attorneys

Truck accident attorneys understand the expectations that are placed on trucking companies and the rules that need to be followed. Determining liability, investigating the accident, and obtaining compensation for any injuries, lost income, replacement vehicle costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering, are all areas within the expertise of commercial truck accident attorneys. These cases can be much more complicated than normal car accidents, since oftentimes there are several parties that can be held liable. The driver, the trucking company, the owner of the vehicle, parts manufacturers, whoever loaded the truck, vehicle inspectors, and mechanics, can all be investigated for having some part in contributing to the accident.

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