Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Motorcycles are the most vulnerable of all motor vehicles on Missouri roads.

st-louis-motorcycle-accident-lawyerNo wonder the number of injuries and deaths caused by motorcycle accidents are quite high. However, if you follow some simple safety tips while riding your motorcycle, your can reduce your risk of being involved in a motorcycle collision . The following are some useful safety reminders:

Beware of the blind spots. Motorcyclists must bear in mind that trucks and other large vehicles have large blind spots or no-zones both at the front and the back of their vehicle.  Driving in these areas can increase the chances of a crash. If you are driving in the no-zone area in the front of the truck and you need to apply brakes quickly, a crash is almost inevitable.

Drive to survive. According to the US department of transportation, motorcyclists must always drive defensively and with utmost caution. Motorcycles are the smallest and the most vulnerable vehicles, considering they share the road with trucks and other motor vehicles that are much bigger in size. So, to avoid any kind of accident a motorcyclist should always pay extra attention to indicators, brake lights, and other signals. Many accidents are caused because a motorcyclist attempts to share the lane with another motor vehicle.

Never forget to wear safety gear. It sounds quite obvious that motorcycle drivers and passengers should always wear a helmet, but still there are instances where people either wear poor quality or ill fitting helmets. Before you purchase a helmet, always look for the DOT sign, which means that the helmet meets the standards set by the department of transportation.

Do not drive too fast. It is not unusual to hear of auto accidents that resulted from speeding. Motorcycles accelerate very quickly, whereas other motor vehicles take some time. The chances of a crash become very high when you are driving around large motor vehicles such as buses and trucks. Motorcycle drivers should stay extra cautious about their speed at night time and in bad weather.

Inspect your bike before you start driving. Always do a safety check on your motorcycle before every ride. A technical fault can increase the chances of a crash. Motorcycle drivers should also check if their protective gear such as helmet, gloves, and boots are in good condition.

Never ride impaired. Driving a motor cycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a sure shot way to disaster.

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