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Brain injuries can be incredibly serious. When you or a loved one sustains a brain injury of any degree, it can drastically affect your lives and your

Brain injuries can impact your ability to do your job, engage socially, or even just perform daily activities. Brain injuries can require costly medical care and rehabilitation. Dealing with these costs can put an immense additional strain on families, on top of coping with the traumatic injuries. Whether a brain injury is mild brain trauma or qualifies as a traumatic brain injury, injured patients may be able to pursue compensation for medical costs relating to the injury.

In one case a woman in the Town of Waterford in Connecticut was injured in a collision with an employee who was driving a municipal van. She was able to obtain a settlement of $2.5 million. The brain injury lawsuit detailed the collision, which occurred in 2010 when a municipal employee ran through a red light and crashed into the woman’s vehicle. In the accident, she sustained back injuries, injuries to her pelvis, spinal fractures, and a mild traumatic brain injury.

The trauma injury report related that the woman was in the hospital receiving treatment for her injuries for a period of 25 days. But another unfortunate result of the accident is that she lost her job. She was not fired but she had to resign from her job at a credit union. She has been unable to work since that time and it may even be another several years, according to the brain trauma injury report, before she will be able to work again.

The woman filed a brain injury lawsuit in the New London Superior Court. Both the driver of the van and the municipality were named as co-defendants as the man was employed by Waterford Utilities Commission. Through mediation sessions that followed depositions, Superior Court Judge Antonio Robaina was able to guide a settlement. The plaintiff’s attorney was able to prove that the defendant was the one at fault, as he drove through a red light, and that the woman injured had not done anything wrong.

Interlocal Risk Management Agency, which is the company that provides insurance for the Town of Waterford, Connecticut, agreed to a settlement of $2.5 million. The woman’s medical expenses were around $500,000.

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Brain injuries can happen with any accident or fall but and sports players are especially susceptible because of the number of blows to the head they sustain on a regular basis. Brain injuries should be taken very seriously and anyone who sustains a head injury or suspects a brain injury should see a doctor immediately. Delaying treatment could cause the condition to worsen and may hurt your injury claim as well.

Because brain injuries can be so serious and potentially have such devastating impacts, it is important that you protect the integrity of your injury claim not only by seeking immediate medical care, but also by contacting an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. An experienced St. Louis personal injury attorney who has successfully handled brain injury cases in the past will be your best chance at getting a settlement or verdict that is fair compensation for your injuries and suffering.

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