Surgical Errors During Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is a special surgical procedure intended to help people shed problematic weight significantly.

gastric-bypass-malpractice-st-louis-moObesity is a serious issue in today’s society. Several treatments have been devised to tackle this problem. These days, one of the common treatments used for obesity is gastric bypass. The high success rate of this medical procedure has made it more popular. While this popularity not necessarily a bad thing, it has given rise to medical malpractice cases regarding the execution of this procedure.

What is Gastric Bypass?

Gastric bypass is a special surgical procedure intended to help people shed problematic weight significantly. It involves the division of the human stomach into two sections or chambers. The upper of these chambers is usually smaller, while the lower one is bigger. The small intestine is then re-arranged to ensure it remains linked to these chambers or pouches. What usually follows a gastric bypass is a significant drop in weight.

It generally costs a great deal of money to undergo this sort of treatment. More and more hospitals are taking advantage of the effectiveness of gastric bypass to rake in some high profits. The problem with this is that the well being of patients is often compromised in this attempt to make quick profits.

Gastric bypass is not devoid of complications, even when it is performed by experienced surgeons. Problem are worsened when a surgeon, who is inexperienced or careless, have to work on numerous patients within a short period of time. The resulting complications can be potentially life altering or even fatal. Also, these post-operative complications give doctors and hospitals the opportunity to make more money. This is what amounts to gastric bypass malpractice. You should carefully evaluate all treatment options available before settling for this weight-loss procedure.

Gastric Bypass Complications

The occurrence of gastric bypass complications is rather unsettling. For instance, about 2 in 5 patients that undergo the procedure are said to develop complications in less than six months after undergoing the surgery. Some of the issues that could arise, especially when operated on by an inexperienced or a negligent surgeon, include: hernia, gallstones, respiratory failure, bowel obstruction, kidney problems and blood clots in the lungs.

How to Recognize Gastric Bypass Malpractice

If someone is readmitted soon after undergoing this procedure, it may be an indication of gastric bypass malpractice. You may also be able to sue for a malpractice if your hospital failed to inform you of all possible complications regarding gastric bypass beforehand, especially if you happen to suffer from them afterwards. You may also have a malpractice case if a loved one died during the procedure or shortly afterwards. Compensation may also be sought when a gastric bypass is done in a substandard facility.

With the help of an adequately qualified medical malpractice lawyer, compensation can be sought and obtained for gastric bypass malpractice.

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