The Increasing Prevalence of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Because the cost and impact of TBI is so great, making the understanding and prevention of TBI should be a priority. Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers

New reports show that traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) might be more prevalent than previously thought. The new study includes reports of mild TBI’s, which can lead to disability even though they do not cause hospitalization. This study indicates that 2.2 to 3.6 million individuals sustain a moderate or severe TBI every year, which is far greater than previous estimates.

What Are Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Traumatic Brain Injuries are “disruptions in the normal functioning of the brain due to a bump, blow, jolt, or severe penetrating head injury.” Most injuries are mild, not severe, and result in concussions, while the more severe brain injuries can cause loss of consciousness, amnesia, permanent disability, or even death. According to the NY updated care plan for individuals suffering from TBIs, incidents of TBI are greater than incidents of HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, spinal cord injury, and multiple sclerosis combined.  And in the United States alone, direct and indirect costs of TBI care and loss of income exceed $76 billion annually. Because the cost and impact of TBI is so great, making the understanding and prevention of TBI should be a priority.

Awareness about traumatic brain injuries has greatly improved in recent years, and Federal and State programs that help with the prevention of TBIs and care of individuals suffering from TBIs means that more people are receiving the care they need. But if you or a loved one has experienced a TBI and that injury is the result of some negligence from another party, you may be considering a lawsuit in order to recoup some of the costs associated with lost wages, pain and suffering, diminished earning capacity, medical costs, and other long term care or training costs. Depending on the severity of the injury, life with a TBI can be very challenging and require long term care.

Why Having an Experienced TBI Attorney Makes a Difference

The outcome of your case and the damages or settlement amount you receive can be greatly affected by having an experienced traumatic brain injury attorney who knows how to handle these cases. Your attorney should understand the type of brain injury you are suffering from, the kind of experts to interview, and should be able to assess with accuracy how your brain injury has impacted your life. Knowing how to handle each of these issues can critically impact your case.  The choice of experts is one of the most important aspect of a TBI case, so a traumatic brain injury attorney who can navigate these medical components and present your case to a jury in an effective way, is going to be your best bet for success. Loss of earning capacity, life care costs, and pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life are all components of determining a damage amount that should be familiar to an experienced attorney. Your traumatic brain injury attorney will also be able to evaluate the case and determine whether or not early settlement or a jury trial is likely to yield the most successful results.

It is important to contact an experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer as soon as possible after an injury to ensure that important evidence isn’t lost and that your claim is not barred by the state’s statute of limitations.

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