The Special Duty of a Medical Transport Company

In an attempt to give a handicapped individual some sense of control over their own life, their caretaker may allow a medical transportation company to take them to appointments, shopping, or social events.

wheel-chairTransportation companies are held to a high standard of care for getting their passengers safely to and from their destinations. If your loved one was hurt while under the supervision of a medical transportation service you may be entitled to receive monetary compensation for their injuries. Explain your case to a Missouri personal injury attorney to find out if you have a valid claim.

Investigating How the Injuries Happened

A full investigation of the event is usually necessary before pursuing a claim against a medical transportation service. A Missouri personal injury attorney is going to want to get a clear picture of exactly how their client was injured in the first place. Background checks will be performed on the employees involved to check for their experience in handling handicapped individuals as well as for any indications of violent or inappropriate behaviors. The hiring and retaining policy of the company itself may be looked into if the employee is found to have caused the injury directly.

Properly Secured Inside the Van

The way in which they are transported should also be scrutinized. The attorney will want to find out if they are assisted in getting on and off the vehicle and if there was a wheelchair, was it properly secured and the brakes applied while traveling. The chair lift will be examined for any mechanical issues. A wheelchair bound mentally handicapped woman was awarded $2.8 million by a Missouri jury for her claim against the medical transport company that was supposed to be taking care of her. She lost feeling to her legs after the van she was traveling in was in a collision with another vehicle. Evidence provided showed how she had not been secured properly inside the van and that had she been, her injury would not have been as severe.

A Few Different Options

Your Missouri personal injury attorney may offer you a few different options as to who to file a claim against with these types of cases. If the medical transportation van was provided by the individual’s school, then a claim could be filed against them, or directly against the company if the circumstances dictate. A transportation company or school district could be found negligent if their hiring practices are questionable or there is evidence that supports a theory of a driver being unsuitable to deal with special needs individuals. If the wheelchair or the lift looks to be the cause of injury than a suit could be made against the manufacturer. There could be a variety of ways in which compensation is sought with these types of cases.

When Someone Behaves Recklessly

It is scary when a loved one with a disability is injured while out of your care. As a caregiver you strive to give your family member the best possible life and it is frustrating when another entity behaves recklessly and destroys that goal. If someone you care about was injured in an accident while under the supervision of a medical transport company, allow Zevan and Davidson Law Firm to help you recover your rightful compensation.

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