Treatment For a Spinal Cord Injury

It’s important to contact an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer as soon as possible after an injury. St. Louis Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

There are few injuries that any of us could face that are more serious than a spinal cord injury.  These injuries usually result from a severe blow to the vertebrae that can fracture or dislocate the disks in the spine.  The resulting injury can be so severe that that it can leave a person paralyzed.

At the very least some people will experience some loss of mobility and feeling.  However, other health issues may also arise.  These conditions often render the patient immobile for an extended period of time causing the muscle tissue to atrophy.  All of these are serious concerns that could lead to permanent damage if not treated properly and in a timely manner.

Usually the events that cause an accident of this nature are very traumatic and it is even more difficult to deal with when another person causes the problem.  What can you do if you are suddenly faced with a lifetime of medical treatments and rehabilitation through no fault of your own?

Whether the injury is caused by a car accident, a fall, an act of violence or a sports injury you will need someone there ready to go to bat for you, someone who knows the steps to take to get you the legal protection you need.  In many of these cases proving negligence will be a matter of determining whom that person is.

Asking the Right Questions

A good representative will ask the necessary questions.  Were the parties involved where they were supposed to be?  Did they exercise the proper care in their actions?  Were they working at the time?  If so, could the employer also be held liable in the case?  Was the property maintained in good working order?  Was there something wrong with the products they were using?

Be prepared.  In many cases of these types of injuries, the defendant will try to shift blame to the victim.  When that happens you will certainly need someone on your side to help you to fight back.  You will need to choose a lawyer who not only knows the laws about your particular situation but also knows all of the many tricks the other side may employ to sidestep responsibility.

Getting the Right Compensation

In many cases, following an accident of this nature you could find yourself in a position where you cannot work and support you and your family.  Getting adequate compensation is a priority.  A good lawyer can determine how much your claim is really worth.  What are your damages?  These will be determined by the total cost of your loss of wages, medical and rehabilitation expenses as well as anything else that you may have lost because of the accident.

It’s important to contact an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer as soon as possible after an injury to ensure that important evidence isn’t lost and that your claim is not barred by the state’s statute of limitations.

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