Truck Accident Reconstruction

A truck accident reconstruction report provides rigorous analysis that an expert witness can present at trial. 

Serious truck accidents can be complex events. In the event of a truck accident, reconstruction of the accident is often essential to understanding  who is as fault. Reconstructing a truck accident immediately following it, preserves the physical evidence and provides an initial assessment to the client. Accident reconstruction generally involves technical engineering analysis.

Commercial vehicles, such as tractor trailers, have distinctive technical characteristics due to the variety in configuration, weight and size. Reconstruction of these accidents includes analyzing evidence from the scene such as skid and gouge marks, location of the debris and damage to the vehicles involved. Looking at the photos taken by the police at the time of the accident is another part of accident reconstruction.

An accident reconstruction report provides rigorous analysis that an expert witness can present at trial. The results ascertained by these reports are sometimes useful in developing recommendations for making highways and roads safer, as well as improving safety aspects of truck and other vehicles.

In 1985, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was the first to fund guidelines for the standardization training of accident reconstruction. The information that has been gathered from motorcycle accident reconstruction has helped with improving the technology of helmets to help reduce head injuries.

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