What are the Common Signs of Infant Seizures Resulting from a Birth injury?

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A seizure takes anyone by surprise. But, for new parents, an unexpected seizure in their newborn baby is an immediate cause for alarm. Infant seizures that occur in the hours shortly after birth or a few days after are a leading clinical sign of a birth injury in a newborn.

At Zevan Davidson Roman, we know bringing a child into the world is a different experience for every family. If you suspect your baby’s neonatal seizures are connected to a birth injury, our birth injury attorneys are here to help you.

What are Seizures? 

A seizure is a sudden, abnormal and excessive instance of electrical activity in the brain, typically due to a brain injury or condition such as epilepsy. The visible signs of infant seizures include:

  • Random eye movements such as rapid blinking, rolling up, staring or fluttering;
  • Sucking, chewing or protruding tongue;
  • Unusual bicycling movements of the legs;
  • Thrashing; or
  • Prolonged pauses in breathing.

If a seizure occurs, a baby should immediately be assessed and treated by medical professionals to address if there is a birth injury or another condition present. If left untreated, infant seizures may lead to permanent damage from a decreased flow of oxygen to the brain, excessive brain activity or another underlying cause.

What Birth Injuries Cause Infant Seizures?

Many seizures and disorders such as cerebral palsy and hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) are a direct cause of a birth injury. These issues before, during or after birth may result in infant seizures:

  • Lack of oxygen and blood to the brain;
  • Head trauma from medical instruments, such as forceps or vacuum extractors;
  • Prolonged labor and delivery;
  • Delayed labor and delivery;
  • Delayed emergency c-section;
  • Complications with the umbilical cord or baby’s position; and
  • Misdiagnosed infections such as Group B Strep.

If your doctor fails to act quickly for any of these complications, it may lead to life-altering adjustments for your baby and your family.

Why Consult a St. Louis Birth Injury Attorney?

When a serious complication arises during birth, your doctor has a duty to assess and quickly treat you and your child. Our team of birth injury attorneys are ready to step in when a birth injury occurs and help you fight for your family’s future. We provide years of legal expertise and medical knowledge to the table to secure your family the highest possible outcome for the damages you have experienced.

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