What Can a Parent Do When Their Child is Misdiagnosed?

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Even though parents go to great lengths to protect their children, accidents happen and illnesses will occur.

The care of a sick child is entrusted to a medical professional who the parents expect will care for their child in the same way that they do. What if that trust is breached and an illness is misdiagnosed that causes your child more harm? As a parent, you have the responsibility to ensure that your child is able to recover from a misdiagnosis. If you believe that a misdiagnosis was made during your child’s treatment that has caused them further pain or suffering, contact a qualified St. Louis medical malpractice attorney. They will help you obtain compensation that will help in ensuring your child’s health and future.

Common Illnesses Misdiagnosed in Children

A commonly misdiagnosed illness in children is meningitis. This is a serious disease that can lead to death if not treated immediately. Appendicitis is also commonly misdiagnosed as being a simple stomach ailment or constipation. If not detected when symptoms first present themselves, the appendix can burst and cause serious internal injury to a child. Pneumonia has been mistaken for a flu or bronchitis. Pneumonia can lead to other secondary infections of the lungs which can become deadly when not treated. If you suspect one of these illnesses in your child but the physician is not testing for them, you have the right to seek medical help from another doctor.

Filing a Claim for Medical Misdiagnosis of Your Child

Protecting the quality of life for your child should be your first priority. If your child has been bedridden for an extended period of time or been left with a permanent disability because of a misdiagnosis, take all necessary steps to alleviate the affects as much as possible, including the help of a St. Louis medical malpractice attorney who will file suit on your child’s behalf.

Case Study – Ruptured Appendix

In the state of Missouri, a healthy three year-old toddler lost the use of a leg after appendicitis was misdiagnosed, allowing the appendix to rupture. The physician refused to settle and the case made it in front of a jury. A jury is allowed to consider what the child’s life would have been if the misdiagnosis had not happened.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys

As your child’s voice and advocate, seek the opinion of a St. Louis medical malpractice attorney if you think that their life has been changed forever due to a doctor’s misdiagnosis. Contact our law office by calling (314) 588-7200 and requesting a free consultation. Allow us to take on your case while you attend to the needs of your child.

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