What To Do If You Are Involved In A Car Accident

St. Louis Car Accident LawyerThere are thousands of accidents that occur on US roads every year. Many people lose their lives, vehicles, or get injured as a result of such accidents.


If ever you find yourself involved in a road accident, you must bear in mind some important tips that can help you handle the situation effectively. The following are suggestions to help in this regard.

  • The moment the car/truck accident occurs, and you suspect some serious damage, you should turn off the ignition immediately or it may cause a fire. Don’t take your vehicle too far from the scene of accident. Try to stay where you are, unless you are obstructing traffic considerably.
  • Check yourself and the co passengers for any injuries. In case you find people injured, take out your first aid kit immediately and help the injured passengers to the best of your ability. If injuries are serious, call up the emergency services right away, so that the injured can be rushed to the hospital. Avoid moving the critically injured patients, and don’t think of taking them to the hospital on your own. Let the ambulance come, and stay at the scene of the accident until help responds.
  • In case the damage is substantial, and you feel that authorities need to be informed, call up the highway patrol or local police authorities. Even if the accident has occurred due to your negligence, you must not leave the scene before authorities arrive.
  • Write down every detail of the accident on a piece of paper. You might have to give account of the incidence to the authorities, so you should try to clearly note down as many details as you can. Take pictures of the site from all angles. This would come in handy in case a lawsuit is filed, and it will also help you get your insurance claims. Also, note down all the details of the other vehicles involved in the accident, number of passengers, car model, color, registration number, or any other details that you can find.
  • Try to gather details of all eye witnesses. Note their names and addresses as you will need them if you take your case to court. In case you cannot get them to give their personal details, you can note down their car registration numbers.
  • Call up your insurance company right away. If you are not able to get them to the accident scene, make sure that you have noted down all the details that will help settle your insurance claims.
  • Call up a car accident attorney or a truck accident attorney soon after the accident and seek their advice. It is important that you keep the phone number of an accident attorney handy. Try not to sign any documents except for the traffic ticket. Do not confess or give any statement until you have sought advice from your car accident attorney.


A car accident attorney can give you correct legal advice, help you file a lawsuit, and get damages in case you are entitled to them.

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