What to Do If Your Child Is Misdiagnosed

As a parent you likely do everything in your power to keep your child healthy and free from harm.

pediatric-misdiagnosis-lawyersWe childproof everything, from outlets to toilets, and strap them into a car seat each time we take them for a drive. What happens when they do get sick or hurt? Of course we entrust their care to a medical professional. Our expectation is that the pediatrician or physician will take just as good of care of them as we do. However, what if you suddenly realize that they misdiagnosed an illness or caused them further harm during a procedure? We don’t want to believe that they physician looking after our child’s care may have been negligent, but it can happen. And your child’s health may be compromised for the rest of his life.

Diseases Commonly Misdiagnosed

In medical negligence cases involving children, a delay in the diagnosis of meningitis is seen more often than anything else. Other common failure to diagnose claims include appendicitis and pneumonia. Not receiving treatment immediately for these illnesses can cause serious, unnecessary complications or even death. If you suspect that your child is suffering from one of these and you are not convinced of your pediatricians findings seek a second opinion immediately. With each of these illnesses the onset of symptoms evolves slowly, but once the cause is obvious there is little time to react before serious harm is done.

Pediatric Malpractice Settlements

Settlements and awards for medical malpractice suits involving children are often very high. We know that there is absolutely no financial compensation comparable to having a healthy child. The high monetary amounts reflect the quality of life that the child will now be faced with into his adulthood.

A Missouri jury awarded $16 million to a baby who was left with leg paralysis when his abscess was not correctly treated. If your previously healthy child is now permanently disabled and you feel that negligence is the reason, consult with a medical malpractice attorney. Lifetime care and therapy is very expensive and it should be the responsibility of the negligent physician to pay for it.

The Role of a Parent

A parent’s role when their child is being treated by a doctor is to oversee their care. You are your child’s advocate. Do not be afraid to question any medical professional when they are treating your child. It is your responsibility as their parent to speak on their behalf. Take notes during all consultations and exams. Make a record of all of your questions and the doctor’s response to them. Insist on copies of medical records, including tests performed and the results. In the tragic event that your child’s condition does deteriorate, all of this documentation will be helpful to your attorney.

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