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ZDR recently settled a medical malpractice case against the U.S. government, a significant outcome that earned coverage in Missouri Lawyers Weekly. 

Case Background

We filed this case on behalf of the family of a man who died while being treated for colon cancer at a Veteran’s Affairs hospital in Columbia, Missouri. The man passed away in 2018, but his family soon questioned the exact circumstances surrounding his medical treatment and came to our attorneys for a consultation. 

During the course of his treatment, the man received a port and two rounds of chemotherapy. He later reported to the hospital with symptoms of drainage around the port site, soreness and redness. His treating physician performed a bedside ultrasound of the port site and removed fluid for testing. A microbiology report two days later indicated that the man had a staph infection around the port site. He passed away just a few weeks later after becoming septic from the infection. 

Failure to Diagnose Settlement

We alleged that the man’s attending physician and nurse failed to inform the man of his diagnosis and provide timely treatment. The case was led by ZDR attorneys Rachel Roman and Morgan Murphy. Following an attempt at mediation, the case was settled with the defendants agreeing to pay $700,000. Those funds were placed in a conservatorship for the man’s 14-year-old daughter and will help financially support her when she comes of age. 

We were honored to represent this family and are encouraged that this settlement will enable them to close this difficult chapter of their lives.

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