ZDR Resolves $250K Auto Insurance Claim

Car accident victim in Missouri

The attorneys at Zevan Davidson Roman recently navigated an insurance claim involving an Illinois woman who was severely injured in a 2017 car crash. The incident is an excellent example of the need for an experienced personal injury attorney when receiving medical care after a car accident.


Case Background

Our client was traveling in Marion, Missouri when another driver struck her from behind at a high speed. Our client was left with severe injuries, including a diagnosed thoracic outlet syndrome that left her with pain and numbness throughout her right arm.  The insurance company initially offered a minimal amount to settle the claim.  After the attorneys at Zevan Davidson Roman became involved in the claim and filed a lawsuit against the other driver, the insurance company agreed to pay the policy limits available, $250,000.00.


Medical Care After a Car Accident

Our client sought immediate medical care after the accident, but it took time to find a physician who could diagnose the condition and develop a treatment plan. When her physician recommended a surgery to decompress a nerve in her neck, our client was hesitant and considered living with the pain. However, our attorneys were quick to point out that it was in her best interest, and in the best interest of her case, to move forward with the surgery.


Hypothetically, if our client lost the use of her arm after undergoing surgery, she could have been entitled to further damages under the insurance claim. If she had waited to undergo the surgery after the insurance payout was settled, she would not be able to recover the full amount of her damages. That’s why we always recommend our clients to follow their physician’s advice and if possible, to get all the treatment available prior to settling their claim. Otherwise, they may be leaving money on the table.


The Value of an Attorney

Although this case did not go to trial, the ZDR team offered personal service and strong financial value to our client during a very difficult time. You may think your treatment options after an accident are simple matters of personal preference, but there are serious legal and financial implications that should factor into your decision. Always consult with a personal injury attorney after an accident to ensure your medical care aligns with their legal strategy.




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