ZDR Settles Flu Vaccine Injury Case

ZDR recently settled a flu vaccine injury case for a client.

The attorneys at Zevan Davidson Roman recently settled a vaccine injury case on behalf of a man whose routine flu shot forever changed his life.


Our client, Jeff, received the flu shot in the fall of 2014. Shortly after, he began to experience pain and weakness in his legs that did not subside over time. After several hospitalizations and consultations with doctors, Jeff was diagnosed with acute small fiber polyneuropathy resulting from the flu vaccine.

Vaccine Injury Lawsuit

Jeff’s pain and weakness cost him his ability to work. He suffered from numbness in his extremities and would frequently fall due to his legs giving out. He met with our legal team and we accepted his case. We filed a petition in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which provides compensation for individuals injured by a vaccination.

After years of hard work pursuing the best outcome for our client, we resolved the claim.  We were able to recover a lump sum settlement of over $400,000.00, plus an annuity to provide for any and all future medical expenses not covered by insurance or government programs. This settlement provides the long-term financial security Jeff and his family deserve as he continues to seek medical care for the remainder of his life.

We were very proud to work with Jeff all these years and it is our pleasure to feature this testimonial from him and his wife:

I can’t express how grateful we are to Anna and Amber  for everything you have done for Jeff and myself. This has been a very long 5 1/2 years and even though nothing will change the outcome of Jeff’s health, this settlement will make Jeff feel like he is still contributing to our future. Thank you, for your patience, time and hard work.

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